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Home Theater Los Angeles has a wide array of choices when it comes to home theater systems. With a lot of choices, it would not be so difficult for you to see which system best suits your home! After a consultation on your preferences, as well as your home condition, our team is prepared to give you the best choices possible for your home. We keep a portfolio of our home theater installation projects that may help our future clients with their decisions. But if you have decided on what you want for your home, Home Theater Los Angeles is always to render your chosen system for you.

It is our goal to give you the best service possible thus, we strive to professionally execute our tasks. We believe in providing our services with the utmost dedication to satisfy our clients and let the world know of our exemplary work. Our clients attest to our good work and expertise.

Enjoy unbeatable video and audio quality for movie nights with family. Get professional installation from real experts!

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Our Mission

It is our mission to provide your home with a modern home theater system. We provide different kinds of services such as replacing older systems with new and up-to-date home theater systems, installation of surround speakers and wall mounts for the television, and more. We also do our best to keep up with the times by following trends and adapting popular systems. We make sure that the entertainment value of your home theater will be very satisfying for you. At the end of the day, you will realize that this is the best decision you have ever made in your life!

Why Choose Us

Home Theater Los Angeles

Quality Service

Our services are top-notch and definitely follow a high standard. We make sure that every work we do is accomplished perfectly.

Home Theater Los Angeles

Professional Team

Our staff is all professionals, licensed, and experienced in the field. Our professionals can accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently.

Home Theater Los Angeles

Seamless Installation

Installation work is a staple for us. We can install and set everything up in no time! All done by our experts who have done this task numerous times.

Home Theater Los Angeles

High-grade Products

We only use products that are high-grade and equipped with great specifications. This is to give you the ultimate home theater experience.

Home Theater Los Angeles

Customer Service

Our exceptional customer service will surely answer your questions, grant your requests, and make things possible for you.

Home Theater Los Angeles

Affordable Prices

Happiness should not be pricey. We believe that providing you with affordable services will make you and your family satisfied and entertained which is very priceless.


Enjoying your home theater will also entail responsibilities as taking care of the equipment that is installed in your home. Maintaining these pieces of equipment may prove to be tough since there are many mechanical and technological things that need a professional touch. If you want to have your home theater equipment cleaned, maintained, or repaired; do not hesitate to contact us for our services.

Home Theater Los Angeles, CA would be more than happy to offer you the services that would complete your home entertainment system, keep it working for a long time, and ensure that it would not encounter any issues. We are dedicated to supporting what makes our clients happy.

Beauty of Great Equipment

If the equipment used in a home theater system does not have a good quality, having a home theater system installed would be for naught. Most systems use good quality equipment to give the overall feeling of watching a movie in a cinema while in your own house. Contrary to what many people believe, having great equipment does not have to be expensive. Home Theater Los Angeles, CA sources these pieces of equipment from the maker which makes it more affordable. We also make sure that they are insured for security and in case of emergency.

Our trusted partners supply us with great products and tools to ensure the quality of your home theater systems and guarantee your satisfaction. With that state-of-the-art equipment, you are sure to enjoy a nice evening watching movies in your own house, safely, cozy, and conveniently!

Our Clients Are Happy

Home Theater Los Angeles

Luigi M.

"I never thought it was possible in such a small house as mine, but they did. Now I enjoy watching my favorite movies as if I am at a theater. Saves me time and money as well"

Home Theater Los Angeles

Kyla U.

"They used high-quality speakers with my home theater system. It was spectacular when I watched an action movie. It was as if I was there, like a 4D experience! I’m so grateful to have found them."

Home Theater Los Angeles

Bryan M.

"I had them mount my 50” smart TV on my wall. I was so nervous since the TV is so big it might not fit well on the brackets they used. But I was wrong, it was sturdy and had a great look. Thanks to them, I can comfortably watch TV in my bedroom."

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal home theater provides you authentic cinema sound, but it still depends on your preferences. Consider how you want to use your home theater system when choosing a certain type and brand. The best home theater should be compatible with your TV, room size, and other devices. An excellent home theater system reaches its maximum potential with a 4K HDR TV, internet connectivity, streaming devices, and more.

A home theater system consists of various components, which also vary in price. Typically, a home theater can cost between $2,000 and $33,000 in Los Angeles, including installation and additional features like seating, lighting, etc. Expect to pay more when you decide to rebuild your room to suit your home theater’s size and audio. If you are planning to buy and assemble a customized home theater, the overall cost will depend on the items you choose.

First, prepare your components, such as surround sound receiver, tv or video projector, cable/satellite box, loudspeakers, subwoofers, wires, etc. The goal is to find the ideal position for each component for optimal sound and video results. Find the source components and connect them to the endpoints, which are the sound system, video, display, etc. For proper planning without the hassle, get in touch with expert home theater installation services in Los Angeles.

Proper speaker placement provides a better audio experience and can create premium sound even with a mid-range sound system. The left and right speakers should be angled slightly towards the center seat or the seat in front of the TV/screen. The center channel speaker can be placed on top of below your TV. As for the surround speakers, they work best when mounted or placed on the stands.

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